Our Services

North Country Contractors is the areas Design/Build leader in the Custom Home market. We strive hard to offer our customers quality workmanship at a fair price.

One of the biggest differences from North Country Contractors to many other builders, is we employ all of our own carpenters for the framing, siding and all finishing details of your project. Many builders today are not hands-on and have never actually constructed a home or any project. They rely solely on the knowledge of the lowest price sub-contractors they hire to do the job. You can always be assured that any project built by North Country Contractors was actually built by us and not a sub-contractor with the lowest bid for the job.

North Country Contractors along with our trade contractors (HVAC , Electrical, Plumbing, Drywall etc.), share a commitment to fairness, honesty, quality and exceptional service. Collectively, we work towards our customers’ needs. This commitment doesn’t end when the project is finished as we continue to service our customer’s needs after completion.

We are design/build contractor experts in the following areas:

  • Initial project planning
  • Site evaluations
  • Blue print drafting
  • Proper project cost and time management
  • Over 30 years hands on experience building Custom Homes
  • Quality craftsmanship

Design/Build Contractor | West Salem